CareerCruise - People. Process. Profits.


To create a centre of excellence and establish Careercruise as an exceptional service brand providing turnkey HR solutions for the mass-people industry at equitable costs.

Center of Excellence is an enterprise that

  • Sets trends and direction
  • Provides leadership, expertise and benchmarks
  • Offers cutting edge systems processes tools and techniques through constant learning and innovation.

Exceptional Service Brand is a name that

  • Evokes confidence in competence & capability
  • Is seen as a tremendous value add to clients and  their business
  • Is recognized for contributing to clients success
  • Perceived as a highly customer friendly business partner / friend ally
  • Provides  the customer with a highly satisfactory experience

Turnkey Outsourced HR Solutions

  • Providing wing to wing services, that minimizes clients direct investment / efforts and offers a complete solution under one single roof

Mass People Industry

  • Focus on human capital intensive industry where people are critical to business success

Equitable cost

  • Competitive pricing – deliver value for money
  • Ensure profitability for both partners