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Employee Help Desk – One-step solution to employee grievances for a global telecom company


The company’s back office operated from India. A survey conducted by Gallop reflects low employee satisfaction levels. The organization realizes the need to be more responsive to employee issues.

Problem Statement

The company has a multi location business with several centers across the country. All these centers are not fully equipped to manage people issues. Also a multilayered resolution process led to delayed response time and dilution of accountability

Careercruise Solution

Careercruise approached the problem by first identifying the nature and then categorizing queries. These were then bucketed to define the point of resolution. The responses to FAQs were standardized and a query tracking mechanism established. This single window redressal system was named ‘Sampark’ and operated out of the Careercruise delivery center. It resolved the first level of level queries through telephone and email. A replica was created at the client site for the walk in employees. The system operated two shifts to handle multi-shift operations and ensured resolution with specified timelines.


Employee Satisfaction scores on this particular issue saw a 25% improvement in year one. Feedback from queries was leveraged to redefine certain policies. HR head count was optimized by focusing on other core issues. The capability was subsequently leveraged by the client to capture VOE on specific initiatives.

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