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Exit Management – Analyzing Reasons for High Attrition for an Indian Telecom Major


A leading Indian Telecom Service Provider encounters the challenge of becoming a training ground for talent and a very high level of attrition. It decides to reach out to the former employees to identify the cause and seek recommendations for containing attrition

Problem Statement

There was high attrition even though client enjoyed good brand credibility and a ‘preferred employer’ rating. The exit process indicated a high number of employees exiting without adequate notice. A sudden spurt in attrition created bandwidth issues turning into operational challenges.

Careercruise Solution

The solution provided was to go for a group of ex-employee who have been through a normalization process to get objective feedback. A non-threat environment was worked out with a potential to identify opportunity to hire back good talent.

As an approach to the project, the full process was mapped out and defined with the client. The methodology was designed by Careercruise based on client requirement. Questionnaires were designed to help probe the issues effectively. Target audience was chosen to represent a well balanced representation from business, functions, locations and bands. Expert interviewers with good probing techniques were deployed. The contacts were established with people exiting over different periods.

Status tracking mechanisms were put in place supported by the delivery platform. To report on attrition and trends, dashboards were created and operationalised. With the objective of maintaining relationships, a unique communication package was created to keep in touch with the alumni. A frequent vacancy sharing program was also initiated with ex employees.

The project entailed policy compliance within well defined timelines. A stringent tracking process was put into place to discourage un-notified exits. The implementation was over a period of one year.


Employees who restrained from voicing their views were encouraged to give an objective feedback. This helped the client successfully identify the triggers for attrition. Some of the ex-employees were re-hired, providing a good referral base for future hiring. Above all, a single point resolution for all exit cases was ensured and the organization was able to measure the effectiveness of its attrition management program.

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