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Recruitment Management

Recruitment continues to be one of the biggest challenges of Human Resource function.
On one hand one has to engage multiple partners to source the relevant candidates, and on the other deal with the burden of screening a mountain of candidatures to find a few relevant candidates.

Careercruise has managed RPO’s successfully for over a decade for several leading brands globally. We back sourcing with strong assessment and process management capability to maximize results with minimal client effort.
We have demonstrated success over several clients across diverse industries and locations.

How does it work ?

Sourcing – Careercruise aggregates all sourcing activities and manages client’s hiring requirements as single point of accountability for hiring. Alternately we also manage specific channels of sourcing if the client so requires.

Process Management – As a centralized function for screening, assessment, and process coordination for all candidature received through various sourcing channels.

Recruitment Management – End to end process of recruitment inclusive of sourcing & process management. Besides meeting the hiring requirements we also deliver quality, standardization and offer candidates a high quality brand experience.