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Manage HR Function

In today’s dynamic environment the old adage that small and medium businesses do not need an HR solution is passe’. To be competitive, an SMB has to think on it’s feet all the time. Good HR practice is an imperative, as it cannot take it’s eye off the more critical focus areas of the business. Therefore, HR process outsourcing becomes the natural choice for these businesses.

Careercruise HR outsourcing solutions bring quality HR management capability to small and medium businesses. It helps them attract and retain good talent, deploy efficient management processes and, enhance their competitive edge at an economical cost.

Essential HR

This covers all the essential processes in HR that are mandatory for any organization to manage. It ensures the basic minimum procedures that a small organization should have in place to operate efficiently in its day-to-day operations. Some of these services provided by Careercruise include employee database management, documentation, leave & attendance management, confirmations and increments, employee reimbursements, payroll inputs, and exit management.

Comprehensive HR Management

Get fully managed, technology driven HR to manage your work force. Get access to industry best practices and have the expert capability available with ease and convenience. The services combine Essential HR with workforce performance management and enhancement through training and development.

This package includes all key processes in HR – Employee acquisition, Employee life-cycle management, Payroll management, Performance management, Learning and development, and Exit management.

Recruitment activities ensure that resources are available on time. Performance Management ensures that the process is managed against pre-defined guidelines and is transparent & objective.

On the other hand, Training and Development focuses on growing the skills and competencies of employees for their jobs, identifying the development needs and managing training programs.

Even more, we provide complete wing to wing solution in a single relationship.